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RSG365 Net is a powerful and flexible Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system that is much more than just a tracking and allocation system offered by other companies.

The platform is cloud based, meaning you don't have to own expensive infrastructure or servers to operate RSG365 Net - all you need is a computer with an internet connection; it will even run on the Raspberry Pi Zero. This also means dispatch can occur at any location, ideal for remote working or to support business continuity.

The main situation screen allows dispatchers to see at a glance what incidents are open, status of units, status of facilities and map view of the area of operations, including locations of units, facilities and incidents. The map can even highlight live weather, such as cloud, precipitation and wind, which can help live planning.

Whereas most CAD systems offered by others use a single screen system, RSG365 Net can offer a multi screen layout, , up to 4 screens, giving dispatchers access to various ways to view the current situation. The system can also display a customisable live statistics board, giving you an instant summary of performance metrics.

Many aspects of the system can be customised to your requirements, such as unit and facility types, types on incident and even automatic reminders to dispatchers for certain incident types.

Units can be allocated to an incident based on their distance from the incident, meaning the closest resource can be allocated which can reduce response times. Once a unit is assigned, the system changes their status so the dispatcher knows instantly what units are available to use.

The system is capable of supporting Mobile Data Terminals (MDT), giving mobile units the full incident description direct to their device, reducing voice traffic and also reducing the risk of misinformation. Units can also update their status via the MDT, further improving accuracy of dispatch decisions and generating quality data for KPIs, monitoring and reporting.

All actions in the system are logged, meaning all actions can be traced back to users in the system, ideal for trouble shooting or audit purposes.

Reports can be generated for various metrics allowing managers to monitor KPIs and produce statistics for customers, all exportable in DOC or XLS format for easier working.



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