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There are many Push-to-talk over Cellular (PoC) solutions on the market, giving a customer a range of choices, so why choose the RSG365 PoC?

Working in partnership with Push to Talk International (PTTi) we are please to offer our solution to the market. Designed to work like the Airwave® system utilised by the emergency services, RSG365 PoC gives simple, secure functionality.

What’s more is this functionality is increased significantly when paired with the RSG365 Dispatcher software.


PoC device software:

RSG365 PoC is designed to work effortlessly, allowing users to connect to different talk groups (channels) or conduct point-to-point communications directly from the handset.

The software is designed so users can’t ‘break out’ of the software, meaning no user can go into the operating system and change any settings. This also means if a handset is lost or stolen, a third party can’t reset the device.

Each unit running the PoC software can be tracked anywhere in the world using the RSG365 Dispatcher software or RSG365 Trak. Combined with the secure operating system you will instantly know where any device is, even those lost or stolen.

Two-way or group messaging possible depending on the set-up, allowing all staff to keep in contact with each other.

RSG Dispatcher:

It is vital that an organisation keeps in contact with it’s mobile workers and operatives. This can be achieved using mobile phones or devices running push-to-talk over cellular (PoC) software, such as RSG365 PoC, but this is very basic and can be overwhelming to a dispatcher if there are more than a few units to look after.

Introducing RSG365 Dispatcher, a control room / dispatcher solution to allow seamless communications with devices running the RSG365 PoC application.

This software gives dispatchers control over a variety of functions, ensuring operations are managed effectively.

With PoC, talk groups replace channels and a dispatcher can open up and monitor multiple groups simultaneously. Ad-hoc groups can be created allowing dynamic communications to take place.

All devices running RSG365 PoC are tracked within RSG365 Dispatcher, allowing the dispatcher to see exactly where a device is at any given time.

Mobile operatives can signal an SOS alarm on their device, alerting the dispatcher to a problem and highlighting the current location on the map, maximising safety of operatives.

Dispatchers can view historical logs for locations, calls and alarms, and all voice transmissions can be recorded to assist with reporting, auditing and evidential purposes.

If you are interesting in RSG Poc or RSG Dispatcher please contact us today to discuss your requirements and to arrange a demo.